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Henry Feb 1st 2015

By: Sara Lundquist

This little boy is such a joy in my life.  He brings laughs, cuddles, and stress.  The past few weeks I have had my mind racing.  I have been quiet and retreated into myself, I believe it could be because my mind is on overdrive thinking speculating and wondering what will happen.

The past month or so Henry has said WHAT every other word.  He was no longer responding to his name being called.  I could tell him his hearing was down.  Henry has had a mild hearing loss since the age of 2.  His dad and I were concerned and got him into the audiologist.  Henry has gone to an audiologist every 6 months since the age of 2.  We always go to the same dr and Henry loves the experience.  He loves the dr and has so much fun laughing at all the funny things the audiologist “finds” in his ears.

This appt his hearing dropped another 10 db’s.  He has a conductive loss which means it is from his outer ear to his middle ear.  It didn’t look like he had an ear infection.  He has had tubes, adenoids and tonsils out.  I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  I have a bad habit of speculating on what could happen in the future.  I am thinking ahead if his hearing drops more.  I am thinking of struggling to hear of what is going on in school.  I am thinking hearing aids, affording hearing aids.  I need to turn that switch off in my brain.  I need to live in the moment and know what happens it will be ok.

We received the report from the audiologist suggesting we take Henry into the doctor and then back to him in about 3 weeks for a retest.  The report stated that there is a family history of hearing loss.  He has a hearing loss in both ears and he has great chance for hearing loss in the future.

Friday my husband and I took Henry to the doctor to check his ears and discuss the results and what our next steps should be.  He was given an antibiotic for some fluid that was in his middle ear.  He was also given a nasal spray to see if that can open up the middle ear and eustachian tubes in his ears.  I hope this will work and do the trick.  We are to complete the prescription and then head back to the audiologist.  If his hearing test doesn’t look any better than we will be referred to an ENT.

So for now I want to live in the present.  No speculating that surgery or an ENT visit will take place.  I will just give him the medicine he hates twice a day and hope it is helping it all.

I will try not worry about the future I will just love my little minecraft, taekwondo, cub scout little boy.

The Importance of Proper Fitting Ear Molds

In Hearing aids on January 27, 2015 at 9:09 am

by Chelle George-Wyatt

Who knew hearing aids could were so important? Most all of us have experienced old, cracked tubes which reduce hearing aid output and moisture in the tubes can play havoc with our hearing aids too. Other than that, I think we take our hearing aid molds for granted but lately I’ve learned bad fitting ear molds can make or break or a hearing aid’s potential.

Last August I received new hearing aids, Siemens Carats and I’ve posted some about my problems with them. One of the biggest problems was bad fitting ear molds made my Siemens. Right from the start my ear molds kept working out of my ear and I kept having to push them back in. Then I noticed if I pushed them in and held them in tightly, I heard differently…better. So I went back to my audiologist who ordered another pair and they didn’t fit well either so he suggested using fingernail polish to thicken it up a little. I applied 2 coats of red fingernail polish(my favorite color) and it helped some. I really liked having red mold since I couldn’t have red hearing aids. My new pair of ear molds came in with the same problem so I painted them too.

Other problems included a software update that crashed my t-coil program along with making all my programs sound the same. I continued to have feedback problems when going to hug people, which made me pull back. Who likes to hear squealing hearing aids? There were troubles with the bluetooth and not hearing right through that program. There’s a huge disappointment in the iPhone app for the EasyTek which at first seemed cool but ended up feeling more like a tease. (I hardly ever open that up anymore.)  Then my ears started getting sore on the inside from constantly pushing them back in so I let my audi know I just about hated these new hearing aids. This is my fifth pair of hearing aids and the only ones I haven’t had a ‘wow’ factor when getting new hearing aids. I couldn’t recommend them to anyone and didn’t feel like talking about them. I don’t like being a complainer so I quit writing about them too.

My audiologist listened to my complaints and offered to order me new hearing aid molds from another company. We agreed on the soft rubbery ones which I remember working with my Widex hearing aids 10 or so years ago when they had to crank up the power after a big drop in hearing. He knows I like red so he ordered me red hearing aid molds too.

Why they couldn't be all red I don't know but the white part doesn't show when I wear them.

Why they couldn’t be all red I don’t know but the white part doesn’t show when I wear them.

We switched out the hard plastic molds for the rubbery, soft, red molds a couple of weeks ago. There was a little of the stuffed up sound that I remembered with the old molds back when but it wasn’t as bad because there is a little vent hole. They felt comfortable right away and had a snug fit.

Now I have to back up a little. With my Phonak Naidas my best word discrimination score was 50%. With the Siemens I had 60% right away but with all the troubles I had, I couldn’t get excited. With the new, better fitting rubbery molds my word discrimination shot up to 72%. That’s a huge jump! I haven’t seen a 72% word discrimination score in years. Six months later I can finally see what my audi kept bragging about with these hearing aids. They have a lot of potential with a proper fitting ear mold.

photo (2)

I felt so good about my hearing aids I decided to paint them finally.  It scrapes off easy so I can redesign at will.  I’m not used to painting on such slick surfaces either so I’m learning and will get better.

SWC San Antonio Convention May 13-16, 2015

In SWC convention on January 24, 2015 at 9:18 am

  by Chelle George-Wyatt

  Have I ever said how much I love attending hearing loss conventions?  Of course I have but it’s been a while and I’m starting to get excited for our upcoming convention in San Antonio, TX May 13-16, 2015.  It’s going to be held at the San Antonio River Walk Hotel – Holiday Inn.  Not only do I look forward to being with my friends both old and new which I consider to be my tribe but we are going to be downtown right on the historic river walk which inspired other river walks in other cities in North Carolina, Colorado in Monterrey, Mexico.  

  The river walk has about 5 miles of sidewalk to explore leading to places like the Alamo, the River Center Mall, Arneson River Theatre and Marriage Island where people get married (it’s good luck to get married on the islet).  The river walk also leads to places like HemisFair Park which was the 1968 site for the for the World Fair where one can find the Tower Life Building, a 750 foot observation tower  and restaurant.  (It was the tallest observation tower in the US until the Stratosphere was built in Vegas in 1996.)   Other places to explore along the walk is the San Antonio Museum of Art and Pearl Brewery which isn’t a brewery anymore but the property is considered the crown jewel of the river walk. There’s a small art community to visit called La Villita with art galleries, custom jewelery, pottery and imported Mexican folk art.

The river walk, sometimes referred to as Paseo del Rio, is lush and May will be the perfect time to visit with temperatures as high as 85 degrees with the lowest temperature at around 65 degrees. It’s one story below street level and lined with shops, restaurants and bars. Here’s some of the options available for attendees of the SayWhatClub convention.

  • San Antonio River Tour – (with accommodations) A boat tour of the river with a history of the area.
  • The Fork in the River tour – a 3 hour walking tour visiting 3 award winning chef’s restaurants with a history of eateries.
  • The Bar Walk- It starts in front of the Alamo and has a 3 hour evening tour of the historic bars.

I’m excited and if you are too, visit our website: http://www.saywhatclub.com and select conventions from the menu.  I’ll leave you with a few pictures Donna Penman took to get you thinking about our convention.








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