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2015 SWC Convention: Workshops

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The convention committee has a great line up of workshops this year.  Here’s a taste of what’s to come with more information on each coming soon.  In particular order, here they are:

  1. Deputy Jose Velasquez. Joe began his career with US Border Patrol before joining the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. He’ll share experiences in the field and share with us the best ways to communicate in an emergency situation. He’ll also be speaking about what and how to communicate with dispatch. Joe is a true Texas lawman and vaquero. Here, when we say the good guys wear white hats, we mean it.

Deputy Jose Velasquez

  1. CI Companies present the latest on CI technology
Picture by Advanced Bionics.

Picture by Advanced Bionics.

  1. Family Dynamics Panel will focus on the family; communication with our children, grandchildren, significant others.
  1. Be Seen, Be Heard! Don’t hide your hearing aids or cochlear implants. Let’s show them off instead.  Why it’s important to come out of the closest plus keeping our hearing aids and CI’s safe and secure. A small activity to bling our hearing devices follows a short talk.
2014-08-19 03.24.10

Photo by Sara Lundquist

  1. Hearing Dogs – Team building with our dogs. How to teach them alerting behaviors.
  2. Sex and Intimacy Panel… Hot, hot, hot!  Don’t miss the one feature some of our own SWC members.  We sill discuss keeping romance alive in our relationships with the challenges of hearing loss.

If you like what you see, register now for the convention before the early bird rate ends on March 15th.   Go here for more information: http://www.saywhatclub.com/san-antonio-con/

2015 SWC Convention: David S. Coco as Key Note Speaker

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The SayWhatClub convention committee announced their Key Note Speaker yesterday to the lists.  The convention is being held in San Antonio, TX from May 13-16th.

We are pleased to have David S. Coco, Ph.D. as our Keynote Speaker.  His topic is:

Evolution of a Cyborg: My Journey as a Computer-Enhanced, Late-Deafened Adult

David S. Coco

David S. Coco

Here is David’s bio:

Dr. David Coco is a late-deafened adult with a passion for science and technology. David is best known in the late-deafened community for his articles in ALDA-News and other publications where he shared his humorous insights into life as a late-deafened adult.

David currently works at the statewide Educational Resource Center on Deafness at Texas School for the Deaf in Austin promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) opportunities for deaf students and serves as the coordinator for university research. David has a Ph.D. in Space Physics and worked as a Senior Research Physicist at the University of Texas for over 20 years. At UT he was part of a team that developed and tested much of the navigation technology used in GPS systems today.

David was born hard of hearing and lost the remainder of his hearing during high school. He is now profoundly deaf and uses a cochlear implant, speech, and sign language to communicate. David has served on a number of national and state advisory boards for the disabled and played an instrumental role in the development of the relay service in Texas. In 1998 David was selected by the University of Texas at Austin as the first recipient of the Disabled Employee of the Year for the University of Texas at Austin and in 2002 he was awarded the ALDA I. King Jordan achievement award for his work with late-deafened adults.

Thank you David for coming and we are looking forward to your presentation.  For more information please visit our convention page.  Another post coming very soon with a listing of our workshops.

My Boy

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Henry Feb 1st 2015

By: Sara Lundquist

This little boy is such a joy in my life.  He brings laughs, cuddles, and stress.  The past few weeks I have had my mind racing.  I have been quiet and retreated into myself, I believe it could be because my mind is on overdrive thinking speculating and wondering what will happen.

The past month or so Henry has said WHAT every other word.  He was no longer responding to his name being called.  I could tell him his hearing was down.  Henry has had a mild hearing loss since the age of 2.  His dad and I were concerned and got him into the audiologist.  Henry has gone to an audiologist every 6 months since the age of 2.  We always go to the same dr and Henry loves the experience.  He loves the dr and has so much fun laughing at all the funny things the audiologist “finds” in his ears.

This appt his hearing dropped another 10 db’s.  He has a conductive loss which means it is from his outer ear to his middle ear.  It didn’t look like he had an ear infection.  He has had tubes, adenoids and tonsils out.  I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  I have a bad habit of speculating on what could happen in the future.  I am thinking ahead if his hearing drops more.  I am thinking of struggling to hear of what is going on in school.  I am thinking hearing aids, affording hearing aids.  I need to turn that switch off in my brain.  I need to live in the moment and know what happens it will be ok.

We received the report from the audiologist suggesting we take Henry into the doctor and then back to him in about 3 weeks for a retest.  The report stated that there is a family history of hearing loss.  He has a hearing loss in both ears and he has great chance for hearing loss in the future.

Friday my husband and I took Henry to the doctor to check his ears and discuss the results and what our next steps should be.  He was given an antibiotic for some fluid that was in his middle ear.  He was also given a nasal spray to see if that can open up the middle ear and eustachian tubes in his ears.  I hope this will work and do the trick.  We are to complete the prescription and then head back to the audiologist.  If his hearing test doesn’t look any better than we will be referred to an ENT.

So for now I want to live in the present.  No speculating that surgery or an ENT visit will take place.  I will just give him the medicine he hates twice a day and hope it is helping it all.

I will try not worry about the future I will just love my little minecraft, taekwondo, cub scout little boy.


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