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To my hearing lover

In Deafness, Hearing Loss on April 19, 2008 at 2:13 pm
lying by your side, your scent  swims thru my soul making me feel light headed and addicted.
I want the scent to remain intact, hovering over me all day until your return.
i sense your hesitation, I sense the distance that has chained your soul. your stillness tells me you are not really here, your movements begging to be alone.
I want you to want me, i need your scent to remain steadfast as i am addicted to the power of you.
I need u to want me as much as i want you. I want u to become addicted to my scent and dream dreamy dreams of boats beyond the harbor hovering in the sunset.
we hover, surf and linger on the screen of life touching no one but the words that can reach us.
They are only words,  and the words lose their meaning when there is no face or hand to touch. we become faceless hovering over the wires.
you are, I am, we need to be…..hovering beyond the waters edge, catching the words upon our lips and taking in the scents of life that hover over our bodies making dreamy dreams together to forge ahead in the waves.
  1. Wonderful and touching – things I know many of us have felt at one time or another. Thanks for sharing it.

    Paul S

  2. Beautiful! 🙂

    And perfect since this is Poetry Month. How did you know??


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