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AARP Responds to Tweets

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Think twitter is just a bunch of nonsense? Well think again. Did you know that the AARP does not provide captioning for their webinars and online videos? 36 million Americans are hearing impaired with a large majority being 55 years old and up, which is the population the AARP focuses on.  Baby boomers watch out! We’ve arrived.

As a result of the wonderful collaboration between Lauren Storck, founder of CCAC http://www.ccacaptioning.org/ and Pearl Feder a member of both the SayWhatClub and CCAC, the two tweeted away on twitter, asking their followers to tweet @AARP for accessibility online for the hearing impaired and deaf AARP members.

A wonderful and supportive response from many members and several organizations including Marlee Matlin helped get a response from the AARP both to Pearl Feder on Twitter and on CCAC’s blog http://bit.ly/khRzZs

So, are you still wondering what twitter can do for you? Twitter is advocacy’s best friend.




  1. aarp is a scam organization that blows in whichever way is profitable to THEM!……it took them backing OBAMA CARE to cause most of their members see who they really are! (and CANCEL their mem

  2. WOW I didn’t know that about AARP. Congrats to Lauren Storck and Pearl Feder and the wonderful work of CACC for the great work they did!

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