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The SayWhatClub 2014 Convention

In SWC convention on December 11, 2013 at 11:22 pm

The 2014 convention is in the works. Mark your calendars for July 16-20 for Madison, Wisconsin.  We are hard at work pulling it together with lots still in the works.  (Our convention website will be up soon.) Here’s a quick rundown of what we have so far:

Wisconsin State Capitol

We’ll be at the Concourse Hotel on State Street, near the Capitol and the lakes. Room rates:

  • $129 single or double
  • $139 triple
  • $149 quad

Hotel amenities include a gym and pool. The Dayton Street Grill in the hotel provides all three meals* and The Bar offers us a gathering spot at night. A free shuttle is provided to and from the airport. Parking is $10 a night or there is public parking nearby. Scooters are available for rent (more details on that later).

Places to eat near the hotel:  Near the hotel is McDonalds and Starbucks as well as a grocery store within walking distance. The Madison Farmers Market in Capitol Square on Wednesday and Fridays is another option for breakfast from 6 a.m.- 2p.m. Madison food trucks (more carts than trucks) offer another unique eating experience.

Fun facts about Madison:

  • It’s called the City of Four Lakes; Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, Lake Waubesa and Lake Kegonsa.
  • In 1996 it was voted best place to live by Money Magazine.
  • The State Capitol is modeled after that U.S. Capitol, built on an isthmus between lakes Monona and Mendota.
  • State Street is pedestrian mall with a variety of shops, bars and restaurants.
  • Architect Frank Lloyd Wright grew up in Madison and designed several buildings in the area.

The SayWhatClub conventions are wonderful places to be with your own kind. Hearing loss is the reason for gathering but it’s not the issue. CART (real time captioning) is available at all workshops and the banquet as well as a hearing loop system (works with the t-coil in your hearing aid).  We have some great ideas for workshops this year, more on that later as we confirm.  Past workshops have been, Happiness 101, assistive listening devices, coping strategies, the American Disability Act, self advocacy and cochlear implant companies

After workshops we tour various local sites in different groups according to interest.  More on that later too.  Every night we gather in the hotel bar to socialize late into the night where drinking is not the attraction…we enjoy being together making every hour count before going home again. Repeats are offered with all patience, we face each other when we speak and will even write things down as necessary. If the bar turns down the lights, someone will get up and ask for the lights to be turned up for easier speech reading. If the music too loud, that can be arranged too. It’s a great feeling being catered to all weekend and we all go home on cloud nine.

Come to Madison and meet your people.


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