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A Writers Workshop with CART

In advocating, CART on May 2, 2014 at 11:49 pm

By Chelle George

Tonight was the first the part of the writers workshop with CART.  I meant to take a picture and forgot, darn it.  My friend Julia received the assignment without me requesting her and it turned out absolutely fabulous.  I could follow all conversation.  CART helped me feel included and gave me the courage to participate as much as I wanted to.  I talked a lot more this time and I’m sure I appeared more confident.  It helps knowing what’s going on!

The instructor remembered me from the last workshop, he asked about CART and I introduced Julia as my ears.  Out of habit, I often turned to the speaker only to turn right back to the notes instead.  The acoustics are still terrible in that room even though they boarded the walls to the ceiling since I was last there a few years ago.  It helped keep outside noise away but the ventilation system kicked on and off the whole time  and each time it went on, I lost any understanding of speech.  Thank goodness for CART, what a blessing even though I had to push and shove for it I am so thankful for the whole experience.

The workshop was on memoir writing and my writing focuses on  hearing loss.  Being able to hear everything and talk to others about writing gives me an extra boost  to get back to work on my book.  I finished the first draft of my book and need to go through it again (and maybe again) with some additions and a big red marker.  What I need to do most of all is mark out the time to do it and guard that time zealously.

The funny thing about hearing loss is every time I bring it up, at least one person comes up with their own story and this time a man who has a  brother (I think, a relative for sure) who works up at the University and gave a couple of Ted Talks on cochlear implants so during a short break we talked about CI’s instead of writing.  Hearing loss is a good topic and I taught 5 other people about CART tonight not including the staff which took place weeks before.

 I love life.

A picture of Julia and her CART from last November at an HLAA meeting.  Thank you Julia!

A picture of Julia and her CART from last November at an HLAA meeting. Thank you Julia!

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