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2014 SayWhatClub Convention Survey Results

In SWC convention on September 19, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Thanks to all those in our email groups for taking time to answer all our questions.  The survey is now closed and here are the results.

survey image

Survey Report for SWC Conventions

61 people took the survey

Question 1 (59 people answered 2 skipped)

What’s most important to you, location, cost or workshops?

57% said location

35% said cost

6% said workshops

Question 2 (55 people answered 6 skipped)

We usually have our convention in either May, July or August to avoid conflicts with the other hearing loss conventions. How important is this to you?

12 people said it was very important because they attend other hearing loss conventions.

15 people said they would come no matter what.

28 people said it doesn’t matter to them at all because they only attend SWC conventions.

Question 3 (54 people answered 4 skipped)

We are looking at transportation issues. Please rank the following.

Direct flights are easiest and best said 34 people.

Change of flights is okay but no driving said 2 people.

I would go no matter what because I get to see new places said 18 people.

Question 4 (50 people answered 11 skipped)

Would you like to see the conventions grow?

22 people said they’d like it to stay as it is (60-80 people).

Ten people said they’d like to see it grow.

Fourteen people made comments such they were okay no matter what, have a convention every other year instead and flings between.

Question 5 (44 people answered 17 skipped)

If you have been to our conventions before, do you have any suggestions on how we can improve them?

We were thrilled with how many people stopped and offered suggestions. We are looking at them all. The main ideas seemed to be to find a way to keep track of all the different activities as in have a memo board attendees can look at and see who’s doing what and where after workshops so no one feels left out. Other suggestions were to keep the topics more hearing loss related, have more vendors, make sure the loop is working properly, more PR and much more. Thank you for your feedback, the convention committee appreciates it.

Question 6 (44 people answered 17 people skipped)

What workshops would you like to see at future conventions?

Again, we had some really great suggestions. Here’s some of what people said:

Lots of people want to learn more about technology, updates on what’s out, phone apps available. Other ideas in regard to hearing loss were; job training, college scholarships, CART services, advocating for ourselves, coping skills, the newest hearing aids, how to communicate in groups, speech reading, hearing dogs, traveling with a hearing loss, relationships and getting the police to come so we can find a way to better communicate with them. There were a few compliments for the Madison, WI workshops as well.

Question 7 (15 people answered 46 skipped)

Would you be willing to be a local chair?

Yes! We have people willing to be a local chair and we are thrilled. Thank you for leaving your names and contact information. We will get in touch soon.

Question 8 (17 people answered 44 skipped)

Would you be willing to be on the convention committee?

And yes again, we had some really wonderful people leave their name. While we can’t get everyone on the committee we so happy you submitted your names. We will be in contact with you soon. Thanks again!

Question 9 (21 people answered 40 skipped)

If you have any other comments, suggestions or constructive criticism, feel free to do just that below.

Again, many of you left your thoughts and ideas. Someone suggested creating spreadsheets with people’s names, text numbers, emails, and daily activities to coordinate. Keep the locations north, south, east and west. Add more days to the con. Have a cruise. People suggested places to hold a con and much, much more.


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