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Henry Feb 1st 2015

By: Sara Lundquist

This little boy is such a joy in my life.  He brings laughs, cuddles, and stress.  The past few weeks I have had my mind racing.  I have been quiet and retreated into myself, I believe it could be because my mind is on overdrive thinking speculating and wondering what will happen.

The past month or so Henry has said WHAT every other word.  He was no longer responding to his name being called.  I could tell him his hearing was down.  Henry has had a mild hearing loss since the age of 2.  His dad and I were concerned and got him into the audiologist.  Henry has gone to an audiologist every 6 months since the age of 2.  We always go to the same dr and Henry loves the experience.  He loves the dr and has so much fun laughing at all the funny things the audiologist “finds” in his ears.

This appt his hearing dropped another 10 db’s.  He has a conductive loss which means it is from his outer ear to his middle ear.  It didn’t look like he had an ear infection.  He has had tubes, adenoids and tonsils out.  I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  I have a bad habit of speculating on what could happen in the future.  I am thinking ahead if his hearing drops more.  I am thinking of struggling to hear of what is going on in school.  I am thinking hearing aids, affording hearing aids.  I need to turn that switch off in my brain.  I need to live in the moment and know what happens it will be ok.

We received the report from the audiologist suggesting we take Henry into the doctor and then back to him in about 3 weeks for a retest.  The report stated that there is a family history of hearing loss.  He has a hearing loss in both ears and he has great chance for hearing loss in the future.

Friday my husband and I took Henry to the doctor to check his ears and discuss the results and what our next steps should be.  He was given an antibiotic for some fluid that was in his middle ear.  He was also given a nasal spray to see if that can open up the middle ear and eustachian tubes in his ears.  I hope this will work and do the trick.  We are to complete the prescription and then head back to the audiologist.  If his hearing test doesn’t look any better than we will be referred to an ENT.

So for now I want to live in the present.  No speculating that surgery or an ENT visit will take place.  I will just give him the medicine he hates twice a day and hope it is helping it all.

I will try not worry about the future I will just love my little minecraft, taekwondo, cub scout little boy.

  1. Here are some resources for children who need hearing aids.
    Youth Resources:

    Alexander Graham Bell Association http://www.agbell.org
    Services: Financial Aid and Scholarship Funds
    Eligibility: Funds are awarded to infants, school aged, and college students
    Application: http://listeningandspokenlanguage.org/Document.aspx?id=478

    First Hand Foundation https://applications.cerner.com/firsthand/default.aspx
    Services: provides funding so individual children may have access to health care
    Eligibility: birth to 18 that do not have adequate health insurance
    Application: https://applications.cerner.com/firsthand/default.aspx

    Hearing Aid Recycle Program http://health.utah.gov/cshcn/CHSS/harp.html
    Services: make previously owned hearing aids available to hearing impaired children throughout Utah.
    Eligibility: birth to 18, must not qualify for hearing aids through insurance, Medicaid or CHIP
    *Maybe Minnesota has something similar?

    Hike Fund, Inc. http://www.thehikefund.org
    Services: provides hearing aids and assistive listening devices to children
    Eligibility: Children under the age of 20 with limited financial resources
    Application: http://www.thehikefund.org/Application/ApplicationFormsPortal.html

    Miracle Ear Children’s Foundation http://www.miracle-ear.com/childrenrequest.aspx
    Services: provides new or reconditioned “miracle-Ear” hearing aids and services
    Eligibility: Children under 16 years of age with limited financial resources
    Application: http://www.miracle-ear.com/userfiles/file/MECFApplication.pdf

    United Health Care Children’s Fund http://www.uhccf.org/index.html
    Services: provide medical financial relief for families
    Eligibility: children with medical needs are not covered by their commercial health benefit plan
    Application : http://www.uhccf.org/apply.html

    Hear Now – Starkey Hearing http://www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org
    Services: provides new and reconditioned hearing aids to those who qualify
    Eligibility: all ages based on income guidelines
    Application: http://www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org/programs/hear-now/

    Also, check with United Way in your area. They have programs to help too.

    • Thank you for these resources. I don’t know if we will get to this stage with Henry but I am glad these are out there for someone else that may need them at this time. I believe Starkey would help him, they offered when I was there last summer.

  2. It’s always hard to have something wrong with your child, but don’t delay getting him hearing aids if that’s what the doctor suggests. And if you think something’s more wrong than the doctor does, persist. Some children do well in hearing tests but have auditory processing disorder — they can’t understand what they hear.
    Hearing aids are virtually invisible these days and will make a tremendous difference in school. I don’t know what state you live in or what your finances are but Medicaid in and private insurance will cover hearing aids for young children. ASHA, the American Speech and Language Association, has comprehensive advice for parents of children with hearing loss. Here’s the url: http://www.asha.org/public/hearing/Health-Insurance-Coverage-for-Hearing-Aids/

    • Thank you so much for your comment. We are perusing it and I think at times it is harder for the school to understand than the doctors and audiologist. I am not sure if we will get to hearing aids at this time with him but if we do we will do what is best with him. He has a mom that has hearing aids so it is something our family is used to and familiar with. I will look into the auditory processing disorder. He heads back to the audiologist on the 17th.

      • I realized after I wrote that that of course you know all about hearing loss. My mind was wandering. The book on auditory processing disorder is called When the Mind Can’t

  3. Dropped a line there…. Medicaid is required to pay for hearing aids for children.

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