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The SWC Convention Committee Part 1

In SWC convention on December 9, 2015 at 10:51 am

Meet Your SWC Convention Committee

There’ve been a lot of changes to the convention committee this year and we want you to know who is who. We have a dedicated group of people who want you to have a fabulous time with our workshops, the accommodated tours and each other. Join us for Basque-ing in Boise August 3-6 at the Riverside Hotel. See the SWC convention website which has had a major overhaul for easier browsing: http://www.saywhatclub.com/boise-2016/ There will be ongoing updates to the website as new information comes along.

Meet the all star crew who will bring you the upcoming convention in series of posts, starting with this post. We asked the committee members a few questions so that you too can get to know them.


Pat Kovac

Pat Kovac is the new chair for the committee. She brings enthusiasm and a lot of positive energy to the role. She’s been with the SWC for two and a half years and in that time quickly became a valued member. Boise will be her third time helping with the convention.

What does the SayWhatClub mean to you?

I love connecting with other people who “get it”. I also love learning ways to cope with hearing loss from both a social and technological standpoint. Before finding SWC I was feeling very isolated. I still get frustrated but just knowing there are others out there experiencing and coping with the same stuff makes me feel not so alone. I have a support system now! I also love the diversity of members and getting to know people I would probably never have connected with otherwise.”

Why are the SWC conventions so special to you?

They are a place I can go without feeling pressured to struggle to communicate, where I can learn ways to cope in the real world, and get refreshed and shored up to do so. They have also helped my husband learn about my situation with hearing loss. We have met so many amazing people at the con! I was so nervous going alone to my first convention in Williamsburg knowing no one, but there was just this immediate bond and connection with others dealing with my exact situation. And conventions are just plain fun!

What’s your goal for the Boise convention?

I would like to see increased participation, quality workshops that will help us cope with hearing loss, and lots of opportunities to connect with new and established friends. I just want anyone who is feeling isolated or frustrated, due to their inability to hear, to come and meet up with us in Boise.




Brenda Cordery is our local host for the convention. She has been with the SayWhatClub since 2009 and has attended four conventions. This is her first year helping with the convention as she takes on coordinating workshops and activities in Boise where she lives.

What do you like about the SayWhatClub?

I’ve learned more about hearing loss since becoming a member than I ever could have on my own. I like the familial feel whether online on my lists (Connect, CI) or in person at the cons. I’ve made some good, life-long friends.

Why are the SWC conventions so special to you?

I have been to every convention since 2012 and I will always do whatever I can to make it each year. Meeting with other SWCers is like “coming home”. I’ve gotten to know so many people who live in all parts of the country and we come from all walks of life, but when we gather at the cons all our differences fade away because of our one commonality – hearing loss. Everyone is accommodating and patient to make sure we all hear and understand each other.

What’s your goal for the Boise convention?

My ultimate goal is to make it the best con ever! But, I want everyone to feel included, regardless of whether they’ve gone to a con for years or this is their first one. I want everyone to have such a good time that they’ll leave Boise saying there’s no way they’ll miss the 2017 con.



Maurice Wilson has been with the SWC since 2000. She is a cherished member and we are lucky to have her within our ranks. She has helped with the conventions in special ways over the years but has worked the last couple of years with vendors and sponsors. You may recognize her name from the SWC San Antonio convention book, as she wrote the welcome.

What has the SWC meant to you?

It’s all about the friendships I have found, there are so many people like me. We share how we have coped and I get strength from that. We become such good friends by email, because we know exactly what our new friends we are meeting online are going through. Most of the time we have been there and we want to help them.

Why are the SWC conventions so special to you?

They mean a lot to me as I get to see friends face to face that I have met by email. Sometimes, I say I get my fix to get through another year with my hearing loss by being with my friends at the convention. Sometimes we even become such good friends that we travel together, traveling to other lands.

What’s your goal for the Boise convention?

My goal for the 2016 convention in Boise is to make Jazzy happy that we are continuing what she started. I have another goal; I have offered with my son’s help to give a scholarship for food, travel and lodging to a Veteran who has hearing loss due to serving our country. We have so many young men & women who serve our country that end up with hearing loss. I want to give one young veteran an opportunity to learn the coping skills that those of us with hearing loss have to learn in order to survive. I’d like to give that one young person the opportunity to make friends for life with the other members of the SWC.


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